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"Wendy is amazing at what she does. I contacted her about 3 months ago for help with my golden retriever puppy's anxiety and fear-aggression. We scheduled a video consultation, and from that first conversation, it was clear that she is passionate for helping dogs. She truly cares. I enrolled my puppy in virtual group training, where she received some basic behavioral training as well as tips and tricks for making the world a little less scary (rest, relax, happy mat, etc.). I also scheduled private training with Wendy, which has been really helpful. She is incredibly responsive to texts and emails, offers excellent advice, and always follows up with resources (videos, links, etc.). I could not be happier that we have chosen to train with Wendy, and recommend her to anyone. "


Alex for Ellie

You love your dog, but behavior problems are distressing and can be embarrassing, costly or even scary.


We offer training and coaching in your home to help solve behavior problems such as

• Barking and lunging at dogs or people

• Fearful behavior

• Destructive behavior

• Guarding food, toys or other resources

• Dog-dog and dog-cat introductions and inter-pet relationship coaching.


For certain cases, we may work in collaboration with your veterinarian and sometimes a veterinary behavior specialist to make sure that problems possibly related to pain or other medical issues are properly addressed.

Because every case is unique, we begin with a video consult (approximately 90 minutes) in which I learn about your situation in depth.  We will then discuss options, advise on short-term management, map out a plan and start a simple foundation training exercise. 

Initial consult (90 minutes):  $150 

During the pandemic we are working mostly by live video coaching.  At our discretion, some outdoor in-person coaching is available for established clients


You will be amazed at what you can learn to train with live video coaching. 

“Wendy has been very helpful to us.  I actually get compliments on Boyd's behavior now!“


Shannon for Boyd


Whether your problem is an overexuberant pet or one who is full of fear, we can solve your frustrations and help you enjoy one another.

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