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Help for behavior problems

Private Coaching

Two dogs and a cat sitting in front of a woman who is giving them a hand-cue to sit

You love your dog, but behavior problems are distressing and can be embarrassing, costly or even scary.


We offer training and coaching in your home, location of your choice or online, to help solve behavior problems such as

  • Dogs barking and lunging

  • Dog-dog dog-cat and cat-cat introductions

  • Fearful behavior

  • Destructive behavior

  • Guarding food, toys or other resources

  • Inter-pet relationship coaching

For certain cases, we may work in collaboration with your veterinarian and sometimes a veterinary behavior specialist to make sure that problems possibly related to pain or other medical issues are properly addressed.

Because every case is unique, we begin with a consult (approximately 90 minutes) in which I learn about your situation in depth.  We will then discuss options, advise on short-term management for safety, map out a plan and start a simple foundation training exercise. 

Initial consult (90 minutes):  $180 plus tax 

"I could not be happier"


"Wendy is amazing at what she does. I contacted her about 3 months ago for help with my golden retriever puppy's anxiety and fear-aggression. We scheduled a video consultation, and from that first conversation, it was clear that she is passionate for helping dogs. She truly cares. I enrolled my puppy in virtual group training, where she received some basic behavioral training as well as tips and tricks for making the world a little less scary (rest, relax, happy mat, etc.). I also scheduled private training with Wendy, which has been really helpful. She is incredibly responsive to texts and emails, offers excellent advice, and always follows up with resources (videos, links, etc.). I could not be happier that we have chosen to train with Wendy, and recommend her to anyone. "


Alex for Ellie

A Golden Retriever sitting, wearing a birthday party hat

Ellie has grown up from a timid puppy to be a confident and happy dog who enjoys going places with her family.

A happy looking pit bull mix lying on the floor beside his person's chair

“Thank you for your amazing knowledge in teaching me, and giving me the confidence to teach Potter to be a well behaved dog.“


Esther for Potter

Enjoyable Walks Package

It can be scary and embarrassing when your dog barks and lunges at passing dogs.  We can help!  Our program coaches you through a progression of fun games to teach excitable dogs to relax and cope with distractions in public, so they can:

  • stop acting aggressive

  • walk politely on leash instead of dragging you,

  • turn away from or ignore dogs, moving objects such as cars and bicycles, and other distractions

  • learn skills for getting away from situations that catch you by surprise.

Every team learns at their own pace. Our system of gradual challenges provides opportunities to experience steps of success on the way to your goal of calm, drama-free walks.

We teach a variety of training games and relaxation techniques to keep learning fun and minimally stressful for you and your dog.


All of our behavior programs begin with a 90 minute consult in which we get to know you and your dog, set goals and start you on some foundation exercises


The Enjoyable Walks package ($780) includes:​

  • Initial consult

  • Foundation skills taught in your home (typically 3 one-hour sessions)

  • Six 1/2-hour outdoor coaching sessions personalized to your needs     


Followup options:

A.  Optional 3-session extensions as needed:  $150 

B.  Small group sessions to practice in the vicinity of other dogs

     We will meet in a spacious park with 2 or 3 other teams to practice games that develop focus and coping ability, then practice walking together on the trail. 

     Three 1-hour sessions                                   $112 + tax

Enjoyable Walks

"HE'S NOT THE SAME DOG! When we started, our shelter-rescue large dog was fearful and very reactive on the leash, hard to walk and a little wild at home too. Wendy knew just what to do and how to teach him -- and more importantly US -- how to behave and work together to have pleasant walks, good behavior, and an eagerness to learn new tricks and games as well. He is happy and well behaved, we are happy and impressed, and we feel confident we have the tools necessary to continue to progress with him. All with no negative training techniques at all. I would give six stars but that's not an option. Not only would we use her again, we ARE."

Mark for Hershey

A large dog calmly walking toward his person who is holding his leash
A happy looking black dog licking her lips as she looks up at the camera

Wendy has made such a difference in our relationship


"Penny got very anxious when she saw other dogs, joggers and moms with baby strollers and would bark almost uncontrollably. ...Wendy has given us all kinds of tools to deal with those distractions. We are now walking Penny in our neighborhood every day, and it’s such a joy!"

Kim for Penny

Pleased to Meet You

Pleased to Meet You

Maximize the chance for peace when introducing a new dog or cat to your household 

Your new pet has one chance to make a good first impression.  Let us help you get off to the right start (or repair a relationship that's in trouble). 

Bringing a new pet into the home doesn’t always go as smoothly as you hoped.  You're excited about the newcomer but the pet in residence is not impressed.  They find the puppy annoying, or the cat too exciting, or they just don't want to share.  The last thing you want is sadness, hiding or even fighting or injuries. 


We will advise you on steps to reduce everybody’s stress and increase the chance that your beloved pet will make friends with the newcomer.

An adult dog and a puppy lying nose-to-nose on the floor
A cute picture of an adult dog and a puppy lying side by side on a dog bed with their paws crossed in the same direction
A speckled dog and black cat sleeping side by side on the rug
A golden retriever and a blonde cat cuddling together

We start with a consult to learn about your household layout, routine and your pets’ current behavior.  From there we

  • Help make a plan for preventing conflicts

  • Teach you to recognize subtle signs of stress and acceptance

  • Help teach the pets skills to promote successful relationships 

The rate of progress for every case is unique.


Sometimes a single consult is sufficient to lay out a plan for keeping the new puppy from provoking objections from the resident dog.

Sometimes a small package of coaching is needed to teach the pets appropriate manners towards one another.


For more complex cases where a very patient, gradual approach is required, we offer a blend of in-person coaching and regular, brief followups via video conference. 

  • We provide behavior benchmarks to help you progress at just the right pace. 

    • Brief virtual check-ins each week provide the most economical way to assure that you stay on track and proceed at just the right pace for even the most delicate negotiations. 

  • As each benchmark is reached, we will again meet in person to coach the skills for the next step.

  • Of course, if you prefer an entirely in-person package, we're happy to oblige.

The size of package you will need depends on the dispositions of the pets and the training foundations already in place.  We can recommend packages once we have met and assessed the situation.

Initial consult, 90 minutes: $180

Packages starting at $338

online coaching

Coaching wherever you are

IAABC: Imternational Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, Supporting
CPDT-KA: Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Knowledge Assessed
Fear Free Certified Professional
Certified Control Unleashed Instructor
Karen Pryor Academy Certifried Training Partner
Pet Professional Guild
Aggression in Dogs Certificate of Completion
Association of Professional Dog Trainers; APDT
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