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A Well-mannered Dog is an Enjoyable Dog

Personalized Training Solutions for Busy People

We get it.  You have specific needs, and schedules can get crazy sometimes. 


We make it simple to achieve training goals that matter to you, with one-on-one attention and customized appointment times so you can live your life.


Our positive reinforcement, fear free approach is family friendly and fun for people as well as pets.

90-minute goal setting and foundations session: $180 plus tax

3-lesson package: $338 plus tax

6-lesson package: $600 plus tax

(lessons are one hour long)

Our training is family-friendly!

Our training is family-friendly!

"My dog is stubborn"

"I just wish he would listen to me"

"I want her to stop jumping up on people and pulling so hard on our walks"

We can help with these common complaints and more.

We will design a custom program that meets your needs and can be accomplished through short, fun training sessions.

You will learn how to weave training into everyday life so your dog learns how to listen during real life distractions, not just training sessions.  

Two dogs and a cat sitting in front of a woman who is giving them a hand-cue to sit

Wrigley, Danner and Chilly practice taking turns for treats

A Golden Retriever sitting and looking happily up at the camera

"Wendy has been very helpful to us. 


I actually get compliments on Boyd's behavior now!"

Shannon for Boyd


“Wendy has done an amazing job with our pack of unruly pups


I seriously did not think they would be trainable!  In a matter of a few weeks, she is making a nice transformation.... with very little help from me and in a very busy and chaotic home!.”


Peggy and Hunt for Sawyer, Gracie, Killer, Nikki & Rusty

A basset hound mix, a golden retriever, a beagle and a cocker spaniel sitting politely in front of a person in a chair in front of their person

Gracie, Sawyer, Nikki and Rusty

A happy looking German Shepherd sitting and looking up at the camera

"Wendy is great because she is not only good with dogs...she is good with humans.


Wendy has been guiding me and my GSD pup since Leah was a baby. Leah is almost three and we love our Zoom training sessions with Wendy. GSDs are big, strong, intelligent and full of energy


Wendy has taught me how to live happily in harmony with my dog, creating win win set ups, and how to channel and redirect my dog's energy, not squash it..."   


Lynn for Leah


CPDT-KA: Certified Dog Trainer, Knowledge Assessed
Fear Free Certified Professional
Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner
Association of Professional Dog Trainers - APDT
Pet Professional Guild
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