Videos of what is possible with Enjoyable Dogs and pictures of some of our friends!


Cassie: PhD

See how Cassie becomes a PhD!

Cassie: PhD

See how Cassie becomes a PhD!

Cooperative Health Care

See how a simple chin rest helps Juni accept eye medication

Cassie: Go to your mat!

Communicate quickly and clearly with your dog to go to a mat. 

Cat Training

Yes, you can train your cat too! See how fast they can learn.


See exuberant Macy practice staying calm.  Can you guess the moment when her person comes back into her view?

Puppy Start Right Private Preschool Graduates





Semi-private Basic Manners Graduates

Marie & Porter

Oliver & Nina

Our feline friends

Briar and Clooney learned to be friends

Clooney loves to practice holding still on his perch

Briar feels safe on his tower

Our friends

Whether you have a puppy or a senior, an only dog or a pack, our passion is to help you and your dog understand one another so you can enjoy the best possible relationship.

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Banner photos: Jeremiah Mullins.