Puppy Raising Challenges Solved (and even better, prevented)

Puppies look angelic when they're asleep, but oh, those needle teeth!  And where did that shoe go?

Our private and group puppy lessons cover the often-observed problems: puppy biting, house training, stealing things - and also address any other issues you are experiencing.

You will get off to the best start for raising an enjoyable puppy

Sensible Socialization


Yes!  You can safely socialize during the most important socialization period when shots are not yet complete.  Socialization is so much more than up-close interactions.  We will teach you sensible  strategies to help your puppy grow into the best dog s/he can be – even while maintaining appropriate social distancing from dogs and people.

Private puppy package: personalized solutions for busy people

6 weeks, $488


Our private puppy package covers problem prevention and the training fundamentals you need to live happily and peacefully together. Life with a growing puppy evolves and new issues often arise as time goes on. Lessons will be tailored to your needs as your puppy develops.

Puppy Smart Start consult: Economy with a personal touch

90 minutes, $130


Our puppy consult gets you off to the best start while waiting for the next group class to begin.  We will help you head off problems before they become habits and address issues specific to your household.

Group puppy class:

Offered in partnership with Feeders Supply pet store:


6 weeks, $94 (plus tax)


You will enjoy a combination of individual coaching and learning by watching others. 

If you're ready to sign up for group class now, click the "Reserve" button below.  Be sure to specify the  Harrodsburg Rd-Lexington location)

"We had such a wonderful experience. We worked with Wendy in-person and via teleconference once the world events dictated our new normal. She was very flexible when we had to reschedule and we couldn’t be happier with the results we’ve had. Would recommend to all friends and family without hesitation."


Spencer for Gus

“Private puppy lessons were perfect to get my puppy and me started on the right track. The individual sessions were phenomenal, and tailored for our needs.  When we had a stressful week with our puppy, Wendy helped us to resolve the issue.  Wendy is wonderful with dogs (and people).  She is a great listener and super understanding and respectful of individual needs.  We have greatly benefited.“


Georgeann for Marie

Whether your problem is an overexuberant pet or one who is full of fear, we can solve your frustrations and help you enjoy one another.

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