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Your Personal Puppy Trainer
in Lexington Kentucky

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In-home personalized program gives your puppy a great start and prevents problems

Force-free           Fear-free

A white puppy with black speckles, sleeping cuddled with his toys in a crate

Puppies look angelic when they're asleep, but oh, those needle teeth!  And where did that shoe go?

Our force free puppy lessons cover these often-observed problems and more:

  • puppy biting

  • house training

  • stealing socks and other things

  • walking on leash & appropriate exercise

  • crate training

  • jumping up on people

  • chasing the cat

  • bothering the adult dog

I will custom-design a training plan to address your specific issues.

You will get off to the best start for raising an enjoyable companion

Private puppy packages:
Personalized solutions for busy people

Our private puppy packages cover problem prevention and the training fundamentals you need to live happily and peacefully together.


Life with a growing puppy evolves and new issues often arise as time goes on. Lessons will be tailored to your needs as your puppy develops.

Option 1:
Let me do the training for you

cartoon of a woman (a trainer) teaching a puppy

Simplify your life by letting a certified trainer do the training

  • We'll meet to define goals tailored to your needs.

  • I'll come to your home 3 days a week for 4 weeks to train for 1/2 hour. 

  • At the end of each week we'll meet to show you how to maintain and employ what your puppy has learned. 

  • Two followup sessions are included to fine-tune and maintain results.


Basic package:  $1400 plus tax

Deluxe package (includes 1/2 hour play and enrichment time): $2700 plus tax

Option 2:
Private coaching in your home

cartoon of a woman (a trainer) teaching another woman to teach her puppy

For economy and bonding time

  • Together we'll make a plan to fit your goals.  

  • I'll get the behaviors started and coach you on how to practice and develop them.

  • 6 one-hour coaching sessions:


$750 plus tax.

Option 3:
Puppy Smart Start consult

cartoon of a woman (a trainer) talking to a man while a puppy plays at their feet

Economy with a personal touch

  • Our puppy consult gets you off to the best start while waiting for a group class to start, or for vaccinations to be completed if that's what your vet advises. 

  • I'll advise on sensible socialization, help you head off problems before they become habits and address problems specific to your household.

90 minutes, $210 plus tax

"When we had a stressful week with our puppy, Wendy helped us to resolve the issue."

Georgeann for Marie

Sensible Socialization

Do you wonder, "is it safe to socialize my puppy before they've had all their shots?"

Yes!  You can safely socialize during the critically important socialization period when shots are not yet complete. 


Socialization is so much more than up-close interactions. 


I will teach you strategies to help your puppy grow into the best dog they can be – even while maintaining appropriate social distancing from dogs and people.

"AVSAB Position Statement on Puppy Socialization" and the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior logo and web link (

A welcome from your trainer

Wendy-Molly-Bess pink.jpg

Bess (on the right), 10 months old in this photo, looks grown-up but still is very much a puppy inside

Raising a puppy sometimes feels like a trial, but also can bring joy.

I love seeing my clients delight in the unfolding of their pup's personality as they grow.

Punctures and potty frustrations are sometimes unavoidable (because we humans are forgetful) but you can minimize them when you learn some tricks of the trade.

I look forward to sharing my experience to help you maximize the joy and minimize the frustrations with your puppy.


What our clients are saying

“Private puppy lessons were perfect to get my puppy & me on the right track."

The individual sessions were phenomenal, and tailored for our needs.  When we had a stressful week with our puppy, Wendy helped us to resolve the issue. 


Wendy is wonderful with dogs (and people).  She is a great listener and super understanding and respectful of individual needs.  We have greatly benefited.“


Georgeann for Marie

Puppy Marie_edited.jpg

"It's amazing what our pets learn!"

Puppy Roman_edited_edited.jpg

"Wendy is a calm and knowledgeable presence in the sometimes chaotic world of having a puppy!"

Kelly for Roman

Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner
Puppy Start Right Preschool
CPDT-KA: Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Knowledge Assessed
Certified Control Unleashed Instructor
Pet Professional Guild
Association of Professional Dog Trainers - APDT
Fear Free Certified Professional
Family Dog Mediation: beyond dog training
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