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Enjoyable Walks Coaching Package

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Fun low-stress games can transform your dog from frantic to relaxed.

How does the Enjoyable Walks package work?

Every team learns at their own pace. Our system of gradual challenges provides opportunities to experience steps of success on the way to your goal of calm, drama-free walks. 

  • We teach a variety of training games and relaxation techniques to keep learning fun and minimally stressful for you and your dog. 

  • After the initial consult we meet at your house for 2-3 weeks for 1 hour each time, to teach some foundation skills.

  • After that, we meet for 1/2 hour at a time at a quiet outdoor location to practice skills.

The video below shows a client and her dog practicing one of our games for relaxation and focus.

This team is practicing a pattern game from Leslie McDevitt's Control Unleashed program. 


The predictable pattern provides a context of safety in which he can practice remaining calm and focusing on his person in the presence of another dog, at a distance that he considers safe.

  • First we practice with a realistic life-sized toy dog for no-risk practice, as in the video above.

  • Then we progress to practicing at a safe distance from my calm personal dog.

  • For non-anxious dogs who have not experienced trauma, this typically takes 6 half-hour sessions.

Monty & Molly.JPG

Over time we were able to shrink the distance and switch to practicing with a calm live dog.  Now he's able to take walks with my dog and with other calm dogs.

When your dog is comfortable with my dog, we set up "mix and match" sessions with other advanced students and their dogs.

This video shows two advanced students and their dogs practicing on a quiet street to simulate sidewalk encounters.

How much does the Enjoyable Walks package cost?

The Enjoyable Walks basic package ($960) includes: 

1. Initial consult.
2. Foundation skills taught in your home (3 one-hour sessions).
3. Six 1/2-hour outdoor coaching sessions personalized to your needs.   


Followup sessions: 

When you and your dog are ready, we will meet in a spacious park with 1 or 2 other advanced teams to help your dog generalize their new coping skills to other dogs and locations.  

1/2-hour shared sessions  $35

I'm ready for enjoyable walks

"Wendy knew just what to do to teach him...and more importantly us..."

A Welcome from your Trainer

Wendy-Molly-Bess soft.jpg

Over 24+ years of dog training I’ve enjoyed seeing our solutions for behavior problems evolve towards learning to see what our dogs are telling us and using this knowledge to optimize their emotional well-being.

Whether dogs are reacting from fear or frustration, when we listen to them and meet their needs in a way that's acceptable to all of us, it becomes much easier to achieve our training goals.

One of the many things I love about my job is seeing the growth of mutual understanding and trust leading to harmonious partnership.  Together we will create solutions to achieve this. 


I look forward to sharing this journey with you.


What our clients are saying

"He's not the same dog!"


Hershey stopped lunging and barking at other dogs, and became able to walk peacefully in the park

"When we started, our shelter-rescue large dog was fearful and very reactive on the leash, hard to walk and a little wild at home too. Wendy knew just what to do and how to teach him -- and more importantly us ....


He is happy and well behaved, we are happy and impressed, and we feel confident we have the tools necessary to continue to progress with him. All with no negative training techniques at all. I would give six stars but that's not an option. "

Mark for Hershey

"Wendy has made such a difference in our relationship"

"Penny got very anxious when she saw other dogs, joggers and moms with baby strollers and would bark almost uncontrollably.


Wendy has given us all kinds of tools to deal with those distractions. We are now walking Penny in our neighborhood every day, and it’s such a joy!"

Kim for Penny

Karen Pryor Academy Certifried Training Partner
CPDT-KA: Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Knowledge Assessed
Fear Free Certified Professional
Certified Control Unleashed Instructor
Pet Professional Guild
Aggression in Dogs Certificate of Completion
IAABC: Imternational Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, Supporting
Family Dog Mediation: beyond dog training
Association of Professional Dog Trainers; APDT
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