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Coaching and Training Packages for Harmony in the Home

Safely introduce a new dog or cat to the resident pet.

Stop quarrels between pets.

Help a fearful rescue dog learn to trust.

Pre-adoption Planning

Your new pet has one chance to make a good first impression.  Let us help maximize the chance for peaceful integration.


We'll advise you on:

  • Steps to reduce everybody's stress and maximize the chance that your beloved pet will make friends with the newcomer.

  • Whether training might be advisable to smooth the transition

Stella & Nola optim..heic

Help your pets become best friends

photo of a dog and cat sleeping side by side.

Your cat deserves to feel safe near the dog

Improve a relationship 

  • Your dogs are fighting with each other

  • Your dog is chasing the resident cat

  • You adopted a rescue who is afraid of people and other things.

Package Details

What's the process?

The size of package you will need depends on the dispositions of the pets, the training foundations already in place and other factors. We recommend packages once we have met and assessed the situation.

  • Sometimes a single consult is sufficient to lay out a plan for keeping the new puppy from provoking the resident dog.

  • Sometimes a small package of coaching is needed to teach the pets appropriate manners towards one another.


  • For complex cases where a very patient, gradual approach is required, we offer the option to blend in-person coaching with regular, brief followups via video conference (If you prefer an entirely in-person package, we're happy to oblige). ​

Initial consultation

  1. We'll start with a 90-minute consult to learn about your household layout, routine, and your pets’ background and current behavior.

  2. I'll help you make a plan for preventing conflicts.

  3. I'll teach you to recognize subtle signs of stress and acceptance.

  4. I'll help you start to teach the pets skills to promote successful relationships and coach you on practicing them.

The rate of progress for cases involving aggression or extreme fear depends on many factors.  Sometimes weeks or months of tiny steps are needed to achieve success.


To keep these very long projects affordable I offer a blend of in-person coaching and brief virtual check-ins (usually weekly) to help you stay on track and proceed at just the right pace during long periods of delicate negotiations.

  1. I provide behavior benchmarks to help you progress at the appropriate pace during the period when we meet virtually.

  2. As each benchmark is reached, we will again meet in person to coach the skills for the next phase.

How much does it cost?

Initial consult (90 minutes): $210 plus tax

Packages start aat $388 plus tax (for 3 hours of training and followup).

A Welcome From Your Trainer

Wendy-Molly-Bess pink.jpg

Wendy and her dogs at the University of Kentucky Arboretum

As I’ve watched dog training evolve through more than 24 years, I’ve enjoyed the transformation in our approach to addressing behavior challenges.  You can learn to understand what your dog is communicating about their feelings and needs. When you enable communication, and help meet their needs, their stress and yours is lowered.  Training becomes easier and sometimes simpler.


This is especially significant when we’re helping dogs who are afraid and those creating friction in the home.  When they feel heard and their needs are met, we have a better chance to improve the resilience of dogs who are afraid, and to win the cooperation of those creating friction.


I’m excited to help transform life for you and your dog.


What our clients are saying

"Wendy is so helpful, we highly recommend!"

"We rescued a VERY undersocialized dog who was a flight risk and terrified of any human - so bad we had to keep a leash on her at all times for her first few months with us because we couldn’t get close enough to her to put it on. But Wendy helped us overcome this hurdle and many, many more!

We interviewed multiple trainers and settled on Wendy because of her approach. It wasn’t about the dog getting comfortable with the trainer and she didn’t require any buzzer/shock collars. Instead she teaches you, the owner, how to work with your dog to boost its confidence and make it comfortable with you. She also can do remote sessions with you, which was great for our pup because she was so afraid of all people

Now our dog is a happy, confident dog. We’re able to have her off leash, even in open areas, and she is extremely comfortable with my family and me. And we’re able to give her all the pets and love she deserves without her being terrified"

Annie for Toski

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