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Table Manners for Puppies

I’ve sung the praises of mat training before, and here’s an example of why it’s so useful. This little guy was able to be part of the family’s holiday celebration without bothering anyone at the dinner table.

His person started the moment he came home (two weeks prior), rewarding him for getting onto his mat, and then for relaxing on it during meals. At first she tossed frequent treats onto his mat during every time she sat down to eat. Now he has the habit of settling there and needs just an occasional treat. On this night he was tired from all the pre-dinner socializing and needed no treats!

A puppy is napping on a dog bed near people eating dinner
This puppy enjoys relaxing on his mat at meal times

He slept through the whole meal and afterward, well rested, played in the living room with no overstimulated-puppy-meltdowns. A win for everyone!

We'd love to help you cultivate your puppy's good manners. The button above will lead you to information about our private and group training options.

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