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A simple DIY food puzzle for your dog

Would you like to help your dog relax? Sensible exercise and training are necessary of course, but mental exercise is also important.

Here's a simple "fun box" that can add entertainment and mental exercise to your dog's meal times.

If your dog inhales their food in seconds, it will provide longer and healthier mealtime pleasure. Surprisingly, it can also encourage reluctant eaters to become more interested in their food.

You make it using a box and whatever dog toys and recyclables you have on hand. I like to use a plastic sweater box for durability and washability, but you could also use a cardboard box (as long as your dog doesn't swallow cardboard) and replace it as needed. Items to fill the box include dog toys and plastic beverage bottles (take off the plastic neck rings if your dog might chew them off).

Beginner level: sprinkle some kibble or treats and put just a few filler items, so it's easy for your dog to get the edibles.

A plastic storage box with some pieces of kibble and the bottom about half-covered by dog toys and an empty plastic soda bottle
This setup is easy enough for an inexperienced dog to figure out

Once your dog understands how to find food in the box you can add more food and items so the bottom is covered:

A plastic box with the bottom nearly covered by dog toys and empty bottles
This setup requires some experience and determination to get at the food

To increase the level of challenge, pile in more items. You can even add stuffed Kongs and other small interactive food toys to increase the puzzle pleasure time. Serve it up and enjoy some peace!

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