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Group classes:  In person or online.

Now offering in-person classes at Feeders Supply (Millpond/Boston Rd location)

Enjoy small class size and personal attention

Online classes:  Safe, low-stress learning in the comfort of your home.  Avoid worries about contagion.

all you need is internet and a laptop, tablet or smart phone.

Screen shot from a zoom class with images of teacher, student watching, and 4 dogs in training

Set yourself up for success by starting out with a minimum of distraction.

Many people think they need to be together with other dogs in a classroom to socialize their dog.  But the best way to improve a dog's social skills is to expose them to challenges gradually, in a setting where they can experience calm feelings.


It’s most effective (and pleasant) to teach foundation skills without the distraction and frustration of dogs barking and wanting to meet one another. 


We will guide you in how to provide social experiences and distractions in a gradual way that is less stressful for everyone and promotes better learning.

Meanwhile your dog will learn to behave around common challenges in the place you need manners most: your own home.

In our online group class you will enjoy individual coaching and also learn from watching your classmates train.

Course fee $119.99

(Specify Lexington-Millpond location to enroll in the in-person class; Lexington-Harrodsburg Rd for live online class)

Here are some of the benefits of online coaching:

 - Drive time: zero minutes

 - All your gear and supplies are at hand

 - Ideal if your dog is overwhelmed around other dogs

 - Lesson is recorded for you to review (or if you miss a class)

 - Shoes are optional

If you are new to videoconferencing, we will provide free support to get you set up - it takes just a few minutes.

Image of Corgi puppy sitting in front of her person

Some of the things that are best learned at home:

Stay calm when the doorbell rings

Image of retriever puppy learning to stay on his bed when the doorbell rings

Come in the backyard

image of a dog practicing coming when outside in the yard

End jumping on the table

image of a young doodle learning to lie quietly while her person eats at the table

Wait in a safe place when someone goes out the door

Image of a boxer learning to stay in a down while her person opens the door
image of 2 large dogs learning to stay in a down while their person opens the door
image of a poodle learning to stay in a down while his person opens the door

(Specify Harrodsburg Rd-Lexington location to get the live online class)

CPDT: Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Knowledge Assessed
Fear Free Certified Professional
Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner
Association of Professional Dog Trainers - APDT
Pet Professional Guild
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