Resources for students

A. Video Logistics

1.  Using Zoom

This YouTube link thoroughly explains how to set up and use Zoom

Here's a shorter intro:

Or you can read zoom's help section article by clicking this link:

2.  Stands for your devices

Here are some ideas for supporting a phone or tablet:

  1. Phone holder made from an empty toilet paper roll:


  2. You can buy an adaptor sized to hold your phone or tablet on a conventional tripod you already own, or you can get one already attached to a lightweight, flexible tripod (These products are available from Amazon and other dealers):


  3. You can improvise! I've seen people use shoes, shallow bowls, and hinged eyeglass cases, for example.

B. Learn what your dog is trying to say to you

Help your dog by learning to read their body language.

1.  Fun, 5-minute overview video:

2.  3 1/2 minute video on recognizing relaxed vs uncomfortable dogs:

3.  This website has free downloadable infographics that illustrate the meaning of facial expressions and other signs of stress:

C. Kids and dogs safe together

This link has a section of fun videos for kids, starring kids that explain how to be safe with dogs (scroll about halfway down).  It also has posters to download:

Whether your problem is an overexuberant pet or one who is full of fear, we can solve your frustrations and help you enjoy one another.

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