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Resources for students

Video demonstrations for training behaviors

Week 1

1.  Finger target:
For teaching your dog to come and for moving your dog around without having to push or pull on them: This links shows the beginning steps, and also some examples of advanced applications

2.  Pattern games for teaching attention:


These games build a strong foundation for checking in with you, which will pay off when you start practicing in distracting environments

3.  Teaching consent to be picked up:  


Many puppies and small dogs learn to avoid outstretched hands because they dislike being scooped off their feet without warning.  We can teach them instead to enjoy being picked up.

The button below leads to a colleague's blog post that details procedures and trouble-shooting.  The video embedded in the post shows a dog who has reached the point of thinking it's fun game:  


Week 2

1-2-3 Game

This game helps you keep your dog's attention while getting from point A to point B.  Practice it in calm, nondistracting settings so the calm, happy association will carry over into more arousing situations,

Week 3

Standing side by side

It's easy to get in a rut of practicing face to face, but when you're in public, it's more practical for your dog to be at your side.  This video demonstrates how to get your dog there and teach them it pays to hang out there.  This also is a first step to teaching leash manners.

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