Private Consultations for behavior issues in dogs & cats

We can drive to your home for One-on-One Coaching or Day Training. Learn more about each service below.

* A travel fee of $1/mile will apply for private consultations more than 10 miles from downtown Lexington.


We now offer coaching by teleconference as well. 

We offer training and coaching in your home to help solve behavior problems in dogs and cats, such as fearful or aggressive behavior, guarding food or toys, uncomfortable around certain people or strangers, dog-dog and dog-cat introductions and inter-pet relationship coaching. In cases of aggression, fear, anxiety and persistent house training problems, we work in collaboration with your veterinarian and sometimes a veterinary behavior specialist to make sure that problems possibly related to pain or other medical issues are properly addressed.

We will begin with a consult (approximately 90 minutes) in which I get acquainted with you and your pet.  We will discuss options, advise on short-term management and map out a training plan.  The initial consult is $140 (includes state tax).

Cats love to learn through positive reinforcement training!
Day Training

Too busy to practice? We will come to your home to teach your dog, then teach you how to maintain her new manners (limited availability please call or email to discuss).

Whether you have a puppy or a senior, an only dog or a pack, our passion is to help you and your dog understand one another so you can enjoy the best possible relationship.

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