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Cats Can Learn Too!

Close up of kitten's face

Clawed up couches?  Outside the litterbox messes? Midnight assaults?

Sometimes it can feel like your cat is trying to make you mad on purpose. 

But when you learn the secret to getting through to them, we find that cats love to learn.  And it’s fun for everyone!

close up of cute kitten face
cat sitting in a frying pan
a dog sitting on a platform, beside a cat sitting on a stool

Kitten Smart-Start consult 

Enjoy having the smartest cat on the block!

Kittens are so cute, but they also come up with annoying behaviors: climbing the curtains, surfing the kitchen counter, attacking your toes at 3 am.


It’s easier to prevent problems than it is to fix them!


In our Kitten Smart-start lesson you will learn how simple changes to your routine can prevent problems or nip new ones in the bud.  You will get set on a path for maximum enjoyment with minimum stress.


90 minutes, $150 plus tax

cat sleeping in a cardboard box

Cat behavior consult

We love cats for their grace, playful antics, soft fur and the pleasant rumble of purring.  But it can be infuriating when they tramp around the kitchen counters, claw the furniture, ambush you with claws unsheathed or interrupt your sleep.  Not to mention nasty surprises you might be finding outside the litterbox.


Many problem behavior in cats stem from boredom, anxiety, or instinctive needs not being met. We begin a consult by learning about your routine and your cat’s habits.  In some cases a veterinary examination will  be recommended to rule out health-related causes of problem behaviors. 


From there we will suggest solutions that are compatible with your routine and your cat’s needs.  This might include a plan for teaching acceptable behaviors to replace the ones you don’t like.  Cats are very teachable, and many people are surprised to find out how much cats love to learn when we use positive reinforcement, and how much fun it is to teach them! 


90 minutes,  $180 plus tax

Dog-cat and cat-cat introductions

Cultivating peace and confidence


Bringing a new pet into the home doesn’t always go as smoothly as we hoped.  We’re excited about the newcomer but the pet in residence is not impressed.  The last thing we want is sadness, hiding or even fights or injuries. 


We will advise you on steps to reduce everybody’s stress and increase the chance that your beloved pet will make friends with the newcomer.


We start with a consult to learn about your household layout, routine and your pets’ current behavior.  From there we can make a plan for preventing problems and teaching interaction skills to maximize the probability that the established pets and the newcomer might accept one another.


90 minutes, $180 plus tax

Many people are surprised to discover how much cats love to learn!  We taught Clooney to perch on a stool as part of the process of introducing his shy new brother.  Clooney loves earning treats for his new trick!

a cat sitting on a stool

“EnjoyableDogs helped me with socialization of a cat who joined the household...EnjoyableDogs incorporates a variety of techniques to make socialization and training a fun experience for me as well!“

Laura for Clooney and Briar

a labrador retriever lying down beside a kitten

Labrador Cassie learned she would get attention and treats for allowing kitten Mira into her space.

a cat standing over the legs of a Rhodesian Ridgeback who is lying down

Justin was far too excited when he first saw kitten Dawn, but he learned to be calm in her presence, and they became good friends.

two young cats playing
Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner
Fear Free Certified Professional
IAABC: International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants - Supporting
Pet Professional Guild
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